The one who fought for Health




14:10 . “I was definitely more idealistic when I started my Brussels career. Now I have my doubts, but I am not disillusioned. I actually believe in the importance of holding public officials accountable, and that is why I do what I do. That is why expert civil society is critical.”

Yannis works as a policy manager and advocate for better and more affordable medicines at the European Public Health Alliance.

“I come from Greece where I have witnessed people give their treatments up, or not access them at all because they could not afford them. This is unacceptable and heart-breaking. I consider the right to Health to be a fundamental human right and access to medicines to be an issue of social justice.”

“- I came to Brussels specifically to be part of this Eurobubble. Not necessarily the EU institutions, but the EU. I love the people here. Brussels is all about the people and the ideas. And the EU is all about people. This is the real beauty of this city.
– The worst part is that people come and go here. That is the hardest part for me here, I have witnessed a lot of my friends leave, sometimes it felt like I lost them.
– I still love Brussels. After all, I discovered myself here.”


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