The ones who were feminists





27971744_408176139652279_6093737339375084260_n16:36 . (Zeynep) “Basically, we want to raise awareness on what feminism really means and that it is not just abunch of angry women trying to attack men.”(She laughs)

Anna, Zeynep and Joakim* work for a Swedish member of the European Parliament, the only one from the Feminiskt initiative. Anna, Zeynep and Joakim chose to dedicate their daily lives to the feminist fight.

(Anna) “- I think what is revolutionary about the way we tackle feminist issues in this office – is that we are doing so whilst working in different committees: Human rights , Foreign Affairs, Security issues – basically we are stating that feminist issues are an inherent component of all issues covered by these committees. For example, we try to make sure that amendments to reports bring in an intersectional approach, that women’s voices are heard everywhere.”

(About becoming a feminist)

(Zeynep) “ – I think that the moment I realised how important feminism was, was when I started my first job. I genuinely saw how women did not get the same opportunities as men. I realised the imbalance.
(Anna) – It was the opposite for me. When I went to university in New Zealand I witnessed quite a lot of inequalities, and realised I needed to do something about them. Feminism is a vision.

(Joakim) – This is the real feministic approach, we don´t just talk – we act. »

* Joakim is also the co-founder of an organisation called Help beggars in Lund, back in Lund, Sweden. The shelter gives EU-citizens who live in a vulnerable situation, mostly Roma people from Romania, somewhere to sleep, cook, take showers and provides with possibilities to ensure their fundamental rights.


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