The ones who fought for women


27971744_408176139652279_6093737339375084260_n16:36 .  (Zeynep) The moment I realised how important feminism was when I started my first job: I genuinely witnessed how women did not get the same opportunities as men. The working place made me realise the imbalance between us.
(Anna) My awakening happened when I went to university in New Zealand : there I witnessed quite a lot of inequalities between men and women, in the classroom, outdoors and I realised I wanted to fight these inequalities.

(Joakim) This is the ‘real’ feministic approach, we don’t just talk : we act.

(Anna, Zeynep and Joakim* – presented left to right on the photo – are parliamentary assistants the European Parliament and they dedicate their daily lives to the feminist fight.* Joakim is also the co-founder of an organisation called Help beggars back in Lund, Sweden.)

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