The one who missed the sun


15:47 . “I do miss the weather back home, because the weather is horrible here. That was probably the toughest challenge I had to go through when moving here. It rains a lot, I barely see the sun…It still is very, very tough. “ (He laughs)

(Jose works at the diffusion service of the European Parliament, in charge of distributing documents to members of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. He is from Portugal. He was the first person who agreed to be a ‘human of the E.U.’ Tell you what – not everyone is eager to be photographed and let alone eager to have their story captured and told on social media. I guess it has something to do with being the humble individual behind the grey facade, discretely doing their part for Europe and not willing to reveal too much – but hey, this is exactly what this project is trying to overcome . I found Jose to be a warm, agreeable man : simple, not in his ideas but in his gestures and in his energy. We mostly talked about his positive outlook on life, his daily tasks and a lot about the fact that we both missed Mediterranean weather. Obrigada, Jose! )



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