The one who said #metoo

Pia 2

12: 48 . “ I remember this time, back home, when I experienced sexual harassment and felt truly uncomfortable and disrespected; so I pointed it out to the man involved. He actually got offended and even angry at me; you know what he said? He screamed at me saying: “What are you talking about? I did not sexually harass you! I was only joking. Can you not take a joke? “
– Well, I can take jokes actually. I simply did not find his behavior funny. At all.”Pia works as a parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament and is from Malta.“Very often when it comes to sexual harassment, people do not want to see the evidence, they do not acknowledge its presence in our society. This goes for a lot of issues that women face today. Perhaps back in the day, the issues and barriers that women faced were more obvious, very apparent in peoples’ daily lives, or they were so numerous that it seemed evident from where to start. But nowadays, the barriers that women face are still very concrete and yet they can be very subtle. Women seemingly have the same opportunities as men but then don’t get paid the same. Women have the same working conditions as men but then society expects more from them when it comes to taking care of the household. And so on. These are examples of subtle discriminations that women face in societies all over the world. Including in Europe. The imbalance is there. Some people just refuse to see it.“This is why I love third wave feminism. It is all-encompassing and is about recognising that we are all in this together and that we all face discrimination. A woman coming from a minority faces double discrimination, but she shares a similar struggle to that of another woman, because at the end of the day both of them are part of a minority group in a still male-dominated world.
Similarly, I think the LGBT community and women face different types of issues, but they must support each other because in a sense they face the same broader issue – that they are not always accepted for who they are.



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