The one who cared about migrants


12:45 . “Sometimes, I feel that we are stripping migrants of their humanity : we feel entitled to take their rights away and gradually deprive them of their most basic human rights. This is exactly where the problem starts – because in order to guarantee human rights to a group of individuals, you actually have to acknowledge that these individuals are human.”

Gloria is a policy advisor on migration issues and transport policies at the European Parliament.

“ – During my philosophy degree, I really got into Hannah Arendt; she touched upon the notion of humanity. It is not as if we did not have a concept of human rights before 1948. But the question that arose throughout history and that differed according to contexts was: Do we acknowledge all people to be human?

“- I am sad to see the discourse that some political groups have employed within the EU, targeting migrants as a source of issues. When the populists claim that migrants «take European citizens’ jobs», they do not compartmentalize the information. We deal with workers, expats, refugees, family migrants and so on. Migration is in fact vital to our economy.
– The EU is a project filled with hard questions – Migration is one of them. Nevertheless, the EU is a learning process and we cannot do without it. On the long term, we have to learn about which compromises to make and which issues to prioritize, where to be better and where to share the burden. Failure is not an option.”



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