The one who fought for children’s rights

29496925_424498751353351_636253684975534080_n17:16 . ” – We need to stop petting children; we are still trying to teach them what is right or what is wrong, instead of empowering them. At the end of the day, children grow up and decide for themselves anyway.”

Emilio is the coordinator of the intergroup for children’s rights at the European Parliament.

” When working on children’s rights* the political factor does not come into action. At least it shouldn’t. Children’s rights are bigger than our political differences. Our goal is to find a common ground between political families. Because nowadays, children can access online tools as easily as adults, which means they have the same access to information. They are equal citizens.

I was disappointed to see the high score that the anti-establishment and nationalist forces obtained in the last Italian elections, especially in Sicily where I am from. The first question I asked myself was: what made the younger Italian generation vote for these political forces?
But this is no longer about being neutral or not, being political or not, being more or less progressive. It is actually about transcending all of these notions and simply giving every child the opportunity to be well educated and informed and thus be able to make informed decisions.

– In that ideal case, I like to believe all children will grow up wanting to be progressive and accepting of others. ”
(He smiles)

* Children – meaning individuals aged 0 to 18


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