The one who was impressed but also scared


10:45. “ When I see the pace at which Artificial Intelligence is evolving all over the world – I am certainly impressed but I am also scared. Scared that this may be a source of trouble in the future. Robots are useful when they help human beings, not when they replace them.”

Pierre is a computer scientist and web architect at the European Parliament.

“I have always loved technology; it is such a lively science, full of challenges – and I love challenges. But as a social democrat, I am also frightened by the speed at which technology evolves. It is crazy. Look at the example of cars. In this field, Artificial Intelligence is good because it is used to build car models that drive themselves. The technology is also used to build safer cars – but it is not used to replace human work.

– I believe in the importance of state policies that are there to protect human beings – in this case it means guaranteeing that Europeans keep their jobs or remain protected on the long term, even with all of the technological progress.
This is why state policies and politics matter so much. They are there to protect us.’’



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