The one who was not having an existential crisis

15 : 35 . ‘’ I do worry that nowadays, facts have a less important part to play in the world of social media. I doubt that Donald Trump actually believes all of the ‘facts’ he is saying.
Or maybe he does – which is even worse. ‘’Sam is a member of the social media team of the Socialists & Democrats group in the European Parliament. Before this he was the parliamentary assistant of an Irish MEP.‘’- I am not naive : I know that politics cannot change things miraculously. But there is something powerful and even fun about its possibilities.
– All we need is a good social media platform to communicate ideas, but the medium is only half the work. Sending the right message is the other half. To be honest, I don’t think anyone in Brussels has actually figured out a way to speak to the heart of every European. Maybe it’s not possible. But we are trying anyway.- I don’t quite know where my journey is going to end… I am happy that Brussels is a stop on the way. But it’s only a stop.
But hey – I’m not having an existential crisis. ‘’ (He laughs)



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