(IWD #8) The one who wanted to ‘Remain’.

Catherine MEP





International women’s day series 8/8 *

19:00 . “Have you ever watched Civilisation ? It’s incredible. You get to watch a beautifully made documentary, while discovering art pieces– all of this narrated by the amazing Kenneth Clark. I mean, it sounds fantastic doesn’t it ?
If you like history, philosophy, politics and art, you have to watch it. “

Catherine is a member of the European Parliament and until recently was the only woman representing Scotland at the European Parliament.

“ – I encourage women to engage in politics more. Women in politics make an extraordinary difference. A lot of people feel it is diffcult, especially women – we can feel overwhelmed. Because we have all these multiple identities – being a daughter, a mum, a sister, a politician, anything else you would like to be.
Do not let anybody tell you that you cannot do it – whatever it is you want to do. Because you can. “

(About Brexit)
“ – One of my saddest moments was reading Article 50* and thinking – Oh, this incredibly well written and structured document now applies to my country. The main problem with Brexit is the whole uncertainty around it. Being pro-European, now I feel the important is to keep working towards the post-Brexit, making sure we remain in the Single Market. And I will continue to advocate for that as long as I can.
Because I don’t think people who voted to leave the European Union voted to make themselves poorer, or to make their lives harder.
But leaving this Union will have a cost for all of us.

– I am not disappointed by democracy itself, but I am disappointed by the way referendums work. I think democracy is something very precious and also something very fragile. We must take good care of it.”

* Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union provides for a mechanism for the voluntary and unilateral withdrawal of a country from the European Union (EU).


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